How Telp can help you

Hourly Tutoring

Need a tutor? We're here to save you from the stress. Simply download the Telp app and you will be able to:

  • View tutor profiles and hourly prices,
  • Read student reviews
  • Check tutor timing availability
  • Book lessons

Weekly Tutoring

Tutoring is most effective when students get the full attention of an educators on a regular basis. Sign up for weekly lessons and we'll make your child receives the academic support needed to enhance their skills, boost their confidence, and pinpoint areas that need extra focus. A complete academic support calendar can be customized specifically for your child.

Telp academic support programs

Need to enhance your reading? Want to learn Arabic? Having trouble with math word problems? No worries! Strengthening your skills, learning new skills, and reaching specific objectives is made possible with Telp academic support programs. Telp programs provide a set number of lessons, with customizable material provided by telp that aim to help you reach your goals and target enhancing core skills.

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How It Works

“ Before I found out about Telp, I always struggled with finding personal tutors and specifically tutors that has prices that suits me until I found Telp, this app saved my life Iam honestly the biggest fan of it and i use all the time! It is very convenient and amazingand I appreciate every step this organization make to help the students in anyway, I recommend everyone to use it because simply, its a life saver. ”

“ I have been dealing with Telp since December 2018, they have been so professional and very helpful and really convenient for us, teachers come to teach my son at home with a very reasonable price and at a convenient time for us. ”